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You can use this database to view information about your pet's registration, or to search for information on the owner of a lost cat or dog that you have found. You can search the database by use of the pet's registration tag number or tattoo number. If your search is successful, the owner’s name, address, phone number, and description of the registered animal will appear.

The database is updated regularly; however it is possible that a valid registration number may not appear. We may not have received the rabies certificate from the veterinarian, for example. Or, new registration information may be awaiting data entry. For questions, please call 954-359-1313.

Registration Tag Number Search

Enter the letter "L" (for license), followed by the last two digits of the year the license was issued (2012 would be "12" ) and then enter a hyphen ("-") L12-
Enter the registration tag number exactly as it appears on the tag. There should be no spaces between the L, the year, the hyphen and the tag number.

Example: a registration tag issued in 2012 would be entered as L12-002954

Tattoo Number Search
The tattoo number is located on the animal's inner right thigh.

Enter the letters "BC" followed by the last two digits of the year the tattoo was applied (2010 would be "10") and then enter a hyphen ("-"). BC10-
Enter the remaining numbers (up to four digits). Do not add spaces between the characters and numbers; do not add zeros.

Example: a tattoo applied in 2010 would be entered as BC10-1104

Complete the Search
Once the registration tag or tattoo number is entered, click Search.

PEt REgistration database

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